Specialists in Operations and Maintenance of Pipeline and Terminal Facilities

Transtate Industrial Pipeline Systems, Inc.


 Marine loading / offloading

 Tank farms

 Intrastate pipelines

 Meter stations

 Delivery facilities

 Pump stations

 Truck racks

 Valve stations

 Blending facilities

 Heating systems

 Emergency response activities

 Pipeline patrols

 One call programs

 Leak surveys

 Pipe to soil surveys

 Regulatory reporting

 Operator training

Operations & Maintenance

 SCADA systems

 Instrumentation and controls

 Feasibility studies

 Conceptual designs

 Flow sheets

 Piping & Instrument Diagrams

 Plot plans

 Hydraulic studies

 MAOP determinations

 Class location determinations

 Pipeline system mapping

 Overpressure protection evaluations

 Pipeline baseline assessments

 Hydrostatic testing

 Intelligent pigging

 Project management

 Construction management

Design & Construction

 Operations & Maintenance Manuals

 Emergency Response Plans

 Operator Qualification Programs

 Pipeline Integrity Management Programs

 Public Awareness Programs

Procedure Manuals

 State Public Service Commissions

 State Environmental Agencies

 Federal DOT/RSPA




Regulatory Compliance